Corey Taylor "Vinyl Bundle"

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Whats better than 1 great album on vinyl? 2 great albums on vinyl + a tee! 

Whats included?

  • CMFT - Gold vinyl
  • CMF2 - Black vinyl
  • CMF2 - Album foldout tee

CMFT Tracklist 

  1. HWY 666
  2. Black Eyes Blue
  3. Samantha's Gone
  4. Meine Lux
  5. Halfway Down
  6. Silverfish
  7. Kansas
  8. Culture Head
  9. Everybody Dies on My Birthday
  10. The Maria Fire
  11. Home
  12. CMFT Must Be Stopped feat. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie
  13. European Tour Bus Bathroom Song

CMF2 Tracklist

  1. The Box 
  2. Post Traumatic Blues
  3. Talk Sick
  4. Breath Of Fresh Smoke
  5. Beyond
  6. We Are The Rest
  7. Midnight
  8. Starmate
  9. Sorry Me
  10. Punchline
  11. Someday I’ll Change Your Mind 
  12. All I Want Is Hate
  13. Dead Flies

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